Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fabric Shops on Etsy

I have seen a good number of forum posts with lists of online fabric stores but I find that the lists rarely include very many Etsy fabric shops. Sooo... I have compiled a list of just those shops. And now that I'm looking at the list, I'm impressed by the number of stores and I'm sure this isn't all of them. So, if you notice that I missed a store that carries mostly fabric please let me know. So, in the support of friendly competition here we are - Etsy's Fabric Shops:

(and remember, Shop Etsy First!)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Seussical the Musical

I had the honor and the pleasure of working with my dear friend, Josh, on Auburn's Summer Youth Theater's production of Seussical the Musical. Josh directed the show and a few weeks into rehearsals he asked me to step in as costume designer. I had already done some sketches for him to help him with the overall look of the show and then I was able to actively make those sketches a reality!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Newcastle Sunday Market

We had a booth at The Newcastle Sunday Market on Sunday. Unfortunately, it was painfully slow but we got to meet a few more of the local vendors who frequent the local farmers markets. They were all so friendly and encouraging. Sher from Two Spicy Ladies had the booth right next to us (Fantastic spices and rubs!) and Gary of Newcastle Preserves was on the other side. Mmmmmm... Their new White Peach Jam is fantastic! Geri of Country Essence was there with her fantastic soaps and body products! Chris loves her oatmeal soap. The girl from Sierra Fresh Farmers Markets was there with fruit from her farm - unfortunately, I never learned her name and I can't seem to Google the Farmers Market for a website or else I would link you over because I hear that she and her mother run a wonderful market. Another successful mother-daughter team!