Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Just Can't Seem to Stop!

Hello everyone! Despite all the craziness going on (running the shop while the girls are at the retreat, finals for school, gearing up for our upcoming fashion show, preparing for my road trip, etc) I still couldn't wait to get home and sew!

So I finished piece number 10 and 11 of my handmade summer wardrobe. Let me know what you think!

Number 10

I'm in looove with this one.  The bodice is a raspberry colored velveteen and the bottom is this awesome vintage rose pattern I've had my eye on for years now. I was just waiting for the perfect project to use it. For this dress I used the same pattern I made the peach dress with.  As usual, the dress is too large for our size 2 dress form, but you get the idea. I'm totally hooked on these elastic casing backs. It makes things so easy!

Number 11

My first wrap around skirt! I fell in love with the pattern out of Heather Ross's "Weekend Sewing" and I finally decided just to go for it and make this skirt. I am super pleased with it and I'm looking forward to making more of them. I'm slowly working on the hem, but because it's so curved, I'm hand sewing a rolled hem around the bottom, plus there is a lot of fabric involved so it'll take a while. It's absolutely worth it though!

So, that's what I've been doing! Again, Mom and I have our pieces in the shop right now so you can come in and check them out in person. The girls are coming home tonight from Downieville, it'll be nice to have them back in the shop. It doesn't quite feel the same without them!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Downieville Day 1


We have been having SO much fun up in Downieville this weekend for our 2nd Annual Mother's Day Fiber Retreat.  Here's what we've been up to:

AND!  Wait until you see the Duct Tape Dress Forms that we made last night!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

I've Been Busy!

Hello everyone! It's a fantastic weekend for the family and our fiber retreat-ers up in Downieville. Hopefully Emma will make a blog post about their creative endeavors soon. While everyone's up at the retreat however, I've been a busy girl! With the sunshine finally making an appearance I've been more inspired than ever to sew myself more pieces for my summer wardrobe.

Piece Number 7

I previously made one of these skirts for a Home Ec class and the New Look pattern was so simple and cute that I decided to make another one! Although I usually avoid red, white and blue fabrics, I happened to have this print in my stash at home and so I decided to put it to use. And I love it!

Piece Number 8

Yes, I finally finished them. These shorts took me about 2 years to finish. haha. But here they are! And I love them! They're made with a great New Look pattern and our Oasis Organic Cotton. My first pair of shorts! I have to admit, I'm proud. Here's a close-up of the pocket and mother-of-pearl buttons I used. 

Piece Number 9

Although this shirt is a little more......modern (?) than things I usually make, I really like it. I used an incredibly soft stretch cotton knit and a Simplicity pattern and modified things a bit to make it more me. I really love the racer back. It's so light and breezy that I think it'll make a great bathing suit cover-up.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to.  Mom and I have some of our Summer Wardrobe pieces on display in the shop this week, so come in and see them in person!