Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feathery Shawl

High Hand had their Wings, Wine and Art event last weekend benefitting Gold Country Wildlife Rescue and this is the shawl that mom made for the auction:

It is light and airy and the feathers really look just like feathers!  She made this on the new silk gauze that we're carrying in the shop and we absolutely LOVE it!  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We were introduced to the wonderful process of sandwiching fibers by Melissa Arnold and mom is thrilled to be able to teach her version of the technique at Felt Fest!  This is the example that she made for the upcoming class:

This is a close-up of the one that she made in Melissa's class:

I can't find a photo of the one that I made so I'll have to take care of that and post it up later.  I'm really excited to use this technique to make some fabric to use for pillows and some upholstery.  Exciting stuff!!  

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happenings of the Day

Mom felted another beautiful scarf using one of her new hand dyed silk chiffon scarves that she's been doing.  I really like the way that it ruched, don't you?

As many of you know, the heating here in the shop has been in a pretty constant state of evolution this year.  Here's the newest addition that dad just hung today.  Keep your fingers crossed that:

a.  It works.  (It's a used unit that we haven't been able to check yet)
b.  It keeps us warmer!!  

And, mom is working on one of the examples for her "sandwiching fibers" class that she's teaching at the Felt Fest this year.  I'll post the finished product hopefully tomorrow.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Items from Linda Waddle!

Linda came in and added some wonderful things to our store the other day!  Some fantastic wool applique, screen printed wool and hand painted velveteen - Pillows and Table Runners.  Aren't they just lovely?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Felt Fest 2011

We are thrilled to announce our very first Felt Fest!  We have 8 fabulous artists coming to teach a huge array of felting techniques and projects.  I just finished uploading the details to the website (where you can also download the registration packet) and there are still a few more details to work out that I'll be announcing soon.  Friday and Saturday, March 18 & 19, are going to be solid days of classes and then Sunday, March 20 is going to be "Open Felting" meaning you can reserve a table, bring your supplies and felt away while surrounded by a room full of other felters.  We expect it to be a very inspiring weekend.  Online registration is not available but you can give us call at 916-652-2134 or visit us in the shop and we can get you all set up.  Please don't hesitate to call or email me if you have any questions.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Downieville Mother's Day Fiber Retreat

We are very excited to announce the dates for our 2011 Downieville Mother's Day Fiber Retreat!

May 13-15 (or 16th)
Downieville, CA

Downieville is a fantastic, little, mountain town on the confluence of the Yuba and Downie Rivers with everything within walking distance. Our family cabin will be where we eat our meals and indulge in all of the fiber goodness. Lisa Classon, Sharon's daughter & gourmet chef extraordinaire, will be cooking for us all weekend. Our guests will either be staying with us in the cabin or in a lodge just across the way depending on how many people show interest in the retreat.

Joining us this year as instructors are Nicola Brown, Carin Engen and Sharon Mansfield.

Photos of previous retreats are here and here.

You can get a bunch of details here and feel free to email me and I'll email you back the packet with the introductory letter and registration form.  

We are SO excited to host this retreat again.  Every year it is such an amazing group of women and there is so much creativity and good food and laughter - how could you go wrong? 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Voile! Voile! We love Voile!

Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush Voiles arrived today!!  Aren't they gorgeous?  Plus, they feel like butter.  Mmmmmmm.  

Check out what Hannah has made with some of Anna's other voiles here and here.  She tells me that they're fabulous to work with and feel even better on!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If only it could tell us stories...

A customer brought this into us for some repairs.  Isn't it lovely??  It was made in 1929 as a 21st birthday gift.  

It says "To Lizabel.  May 3rd, 1929.  From Grace and Mother."

The two photos above show what we repaired.  Can YOU find them?  We keep losing them.  :-)  

Claire did all of the repairs.  Her handwork is always gorgeous.  We always feel so privileged to be involved with someone's treasured family heirloom.  Thank you Daniel for sharing and thank you Claire for doing such lovely, caring work.  

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nuno Felting & Dyeing with Carin Engen

I was lucky enough to participate in Auntie Carin's felting & dyeing class last weekend!  It was a wonderful 3 days and we all left with some gorgeous things.  Here's what I did in class:

If you'd like to see these up close feel free to stop by the shop and we can share them with you.  We're also excited that Carin should be coming back soon to teach the same exact class.  I'll let you know what the dates are as soon as I confirm!  And.......  Carin just started up her very own blog - go check it out!