Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Her Felted Garden

Mom became a felting fool week before last. She was a spinning fool last week, but that's another post.
She's using a mix of natural corriedale wool along with merino wool and silk hand dyed by Aunt Carin.

Mom has always been inspired by nature in her art and I think these are a fine example of that inspiration. I'm excited to say that she will be teaching a class on wet felting flower wall hangings, place mats and coasters! If you're local you can find more info on the class here.

This last one is my favorite! I just love the color palette!

In other news.... we all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mom and most of the fam were up in Downieville at the cabin while Chris and I stayed home and opted for a quieter holiday at our new house! (I know, I still owe you pictures!) I cooked dinner for Chris and his parents and his grandmother. It was a lot of fun! I cooked a "Chris approved" meal - that means no flour, no sugar, no dairy along with a list of various other fruits, nuts, and vegetables. I took the challenge willingly and I must say, dinner was fantastic! You never would have known that I had such criteria! ..... not to toot my own horn. I was just pleased that he didn't have to break any rules AND was able to enjoy a tasty holiday meal. How was your Thanksgiving?

We had a fantastic time at The Mountain Mandarin Festival! It was very well attended and we passed out SO MANY class schedules and flyers! We're already seeing the results of the advertising. Gary Gilligan and company - you put on a great Festival!