Friday, September 5, 2008

Christmas is coming!

Oh my! It is unbelievably September already and we've had to put our Christmas fabric on the shelves here at the shop and I've started advertising Christmas Stocking classes. Phew! I still can't get used to this retail mentality. Mom and I really struggle with it. Anyway, I am really excited about the stocking classes. Carin will be teaching a wet felted stocking:

Aren't they great? And Beverly is going to be teaching a knitting Christmas stocking class that is also acting as a great introduction to sock knitting! I'm excited to get the sample of her stocking and share a photograph.

We've been busy sewing here at the shop. Mom has been sewing dresses like a mad woman and she has be designing a beautiful wool quilt that I am so excited to share with everyone. She and my Aunt Claire will be putting together kits for each square and we are going to debut the kits in at the Folsom Quilt Show which we were just accepted to.

I have been working on sewing custom pillowcases and pajama pants. Simple but fun projects that I have really enjoyed picking the fabrics out for. Here my first pair of pants:

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