Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Greetings from Arcata

Hi T3 fans!

So last time I wrote to you, I was putting snaps on Matthew's western shirt. After lots of deep breathing and aching hands, I applied all of them. He surprised me this weekend by showing up at my house, so I was excited to have him try it on! 

I used a really awesome 1950's shirt pattern and 100% cotton. I LOVE the yolks, cuffs and all the cool vintage-y details.

And I also love the way the pearl snaps turned out. They're not the strongest snaps, but I would definitely use them again on a project. Matthew has been warned to snap and unsnap them as little as possible.

I'd say my first men's shirt was a total success! I'm thrilled.

In other news, Emma sent me a very exciting package from The Thimble yesterday and I can hardly wait to start sewing! She sent me fabrics and matching bias tape to make our Grandmother's Apron

In addition to sewing for The Thimble and finishing Matthew's shirt, I've also been doing some sewing for my new little house up here in Arcata. Everything in this house is white, off white, cream or beige. I feel like I'm drowning in vanilla ice cream. As you all probably know, I LOVE color. So the lack there of bothers me. 

I whipped up a little yellow curtain to hide our cleaning supplies. (The wall behind the bookshelf is the only wall in the whole house that is painted with color.)

I love this fabric and have used it for so many projects. It's almost gone and I'll be sad when it is.

I also sewed some place mats to match. They look blue in this photo, but they're actually a nice periwinkle-ish color. Any little splash of color helps!

So those have been my creative endeavors! I hope everyone back home is busy and creating away!