Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blankets, Scraps and a Competition

I have had so much fun putting together these scrap bundles! I am amazed at the amount of scraps we have accumulated! I started thinking about it and these are three generations worth of fabric scraps! Mom's Aunt Charlotte and Chris' Grandma Bobbie, Mom, and then Hannah and myself. Can you imagine the size of bags that I've been digging through? Phew!

Mom has been determined to create some things for boys and I think she's had a great success with this adorable "silky" blanket. We call these cuddle blankets "Silkies" in our family. I'm not sure if that's just one of our weird family words or if other families out there use the same word! Anyway, look at those creatures! The elephant, the camel, and then there's that odd little creature with a cat's face but then a fish body? It is just a fantastic vintage print!

This vintage seersucker looks so sweet with the vintage blanket binding!

So Chris and I are headed to a Balboa competition in about a week and a half and my mother has graciously offered to make me a new blouse and skirt for the event! We've had that great vintage salmon colored silk on the shelf for a very long time and I'm so glad that no one bought it because now I get to wear it with my new vintage linen/silk creamy colored skirt!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Tin Thimble's First Pattern!

So, after a very long hiatus from the blogging world I am returning with exciting news! Mom and I just finished our first pattern! It is for a 1-yard, cut-on-the-bias apron that is just adorable! We had so much fun designing it and we've had even more fun making some up. We have both the pattern and some finished aprons here at the shop and I hope to add some to our Etsy shop soon. It just like the apron your grandma wore, but slight modernized with a lowered waist and not quite as long front.

Well, life has been crazy! We've been having family reunions in the Emergency Room (don't worry, everyone is okay, just pretty normal medical emergencies!), my parents moved an elderly family member home with them so they could care for him, Chris and I are selling my car, mom made Hannah's prom dress (absolutely gorgeous!) and we've all be plugging along with our small businesses somewhere in between.

Aren't they cute? I wish you could see the whole dress. I'll have to have Hannah send me another photo. We had to make Matthew's tie so it would match the dress.

For Mother's day I actually made mom something! I made her these adorable shorts from this pattern. I have to admit I was skeptical about them because of the lack of a zipper and having the elastic and all, but they turned out darling! And they fit mom like someone made them for her! :-)