Monday, February 4, 2008

A Whirlwind Weekend

Man, did we have a busy weekend! Thursday evening Rita arrived, Friday and Saturday - we had so many customers is was a whirlwind! (Ya!), Sunday we went to the Folsom Quilt Show & saw our friend Collette Fenske, who's booth was so bright and happy (I wish I had a picture)! And Rita's booth was beautiful! So.... elegant is a good word for it. And inspiring! Everything she designs is fantastic! And then, on Monday (today) Rita taught her Chelsea's Pin Cushion (below) and we had a wonderful day of idea sharing.

Mom and Rita (below) with the Nettie Needles that mom made a few weeks ago.

And, I got to try on Rita's No-hem, Reversible Apron and I have to make one! I am so excited, I think I'll start tomorrow!


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