Saturday, July 26, 2008

I love it when customers share like this!

I still get excited when I look at these pictures!!  Isn't this the cutest baby quilt square you've ever seen???  Loretta brought this in a while ago and I think I actually jump up and down.  :-)  She said that her Grandmother made it for her Mother when she was born but she never finished it.  She actually got from A - W but never finished X, Y & Z.  Loretta found the quilt in one of her Mother's rooms and then she found the newspaper pattern pieces in a completely different room!  
Loretta got on eBay and actually found reproductions of the X, Y & Z squares!!!!!!!!  She's going to finish it.  Oh, I hope she comes in and shares her progress!

She also brought in this little Gem.  It was a printed piece of cotton organdy that I think she said her Grandmother embroidered.  It's supposed to be finished into a pillow.  Gorgeous!


kim* said...

wow that is really fun. this is what makes my world a little more exciting is finding treasures like that. every since i was a little girl id rummage through my mom's closet for hours and the garage. as i got older i got to wear my moms vintage clothing and jewelry. i cant remember not wearing hand me downs and loving vintage antique things. thanks for sharing!

Katie Trott said...

Emma! I have the alphabet pattern for this quilt. It is an old one that someone hand traced onto old grocery store advertisements. And guess who I bought it from?

Mr. Paul Kashuba when he was in your space. That is why I love him!