Thursday, November 6, 2008

Outside of my box

So for the last two years Chris and I have been invited to teach at a swing dance camp in the Mendocino Woodlands called "Camp Swing" and both years it has been an absolute blast! We have met some of the nicest swing dancers (and swing dancers are already notoriously NICE), we've met great instructors, there's good food and it's just an overall great experience. is camp tradition that all of the girl instructors perform in the variety show each year and there really isn't an option. The girl instructors at the camp perform in the variety show. So I smile and nod, learn the choreography and do my best to put together a costume which it seems tend to involve very little clothing. And both years they have successfully pulled me outside of my fairly small box.

That's all for now. I'm still working on pictures of the house.

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Katie Trott said...

You look so cute Emma! I bet you have a ton of fun!!