Friday, July 10, 2009


Phew! This is the first time I've looked at our blog since June 6th. Oy. My husband's and my housemate, Phillip, was in a near-fatal car accident on June 7th. He sustained significant head trauma and burns to 35% of his body and I must say: the. man. is. SUPERMAN! After being in a medically induced coma and skin grafting surgery he came home almost 2 weeks ago (less than a month after the accident) and he's up-and-about and healing quickly.

This has been an amazing experience in so many ways. It's hard to put it all into words. It was a reminder that we are a part of a family that is much larger than the family that we are born/marry into. A reminder that life is precious and we never know what may happen in the next moment so treasure the time that we get. A reminder that the health insurance that Chris and I dish out hundreds of dollars for every month really is worth it but at the same time, a reminder of how much I detest the bureaucratic system and all of the paperwork involved with our health care system.

To Phillip - I love you. You are the brother that I never had. I am so glad that Chris and I live with you and Lindsay. Lindsay is an amazing woman - her strength is amazing. I look forward to future vacations, family gatherings, and weddings (hint, hint ;-). Lindsay and I are ready, when do we move the farm? :-)

As far as The Thimble goes, our 2 week vacation was timed perfectly - I was able to be at the hospital almost everyday. Mom got to go up to Eugene, OR with Carin and attend The Black Sheep Gathering. They had a fantastic time. Mom and I are currently working on the costumes for Placer Union High School District's Musical, Urinetown (more about that later).

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Katie Trott said...

Oh my goodness girls! It's so good to hear some good news of your friend. I hope his healing is going strong!