Saturday, September 19, 2009

All Framed In

Mom's studio.

Another view of mom's studio. There's going to be a little, corrugated metal roof on that brace.

This is going to be the classroom space. It doesn't look very large in the photo, but it's going to be perfect, we promise!

That's my office there on the left with the classroom space on the right.

Mom's studio on the left, office in the middle with the classroom on the right there.

Mom's studio is there in the middle. All of our fabric is going to be along that wall on the left.

I hope you're enjoying the updates! We'll let you know when we set our move date!

1 comment:

Rebecca Maples said...

I am so excited about your move. You will be a little closer to me, and I love to visit the High Hand nursery, it will be like a double indulgence.