Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wooo! What-a-Month!

I'm back! So sorry I disappeared there. October was overwhelming - I don't know what we were thinking! The Fiber Retreat was a great success! The move went as smoothly as it could have! and our Grand Opening was wonderful! Here some photo recap:

The Downieville Workshop. All the girls were busy little bees!

Linda Waddle taught us how to dye at the retreat this time around! It was SO much fun!

Our Shiny New Classroom Tables!!!! Aren't they pretty?

And our shiny new cutting table!

Pictures from the grand opening are coming soon!


Leslie Gelber said...

WOW, Congratulations Sharon and Emma! I cannot wait to get home and come for a visit. I am so sorry I missed the grand opening. It all looks brilliant.

Lindy said...

How cute!!!! :)

katie jean said...

Looks so wonderful!! I hope to stop by and see you today :)

monika said...
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monika said...

i had googled vintage fabric just to spark ideas for a skirt-tee-shirt combo sorta. anyhoo ^-^ i clicked on a picture and found your site. I fell in love with you store. i'm from texas you see, and only 14. haha. so imagine how it is hard for me to beg my mother to take me. i will be going to disney in california for spring break, so i'll ask my mother can make a lil detour.
love from texas,
Monika Martinez