Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Funny Story...

Hello everyone. It's Hannah writing to you today. I hope your all enjoying this beautiful sunny weather! Before I give you the update on our creative endeavors, I have a little story to share with you and hopefully it'll make you laugh as hard as I did.

So the other night I'm laying in my bed trying to fall asleep and I keep hearing this very loud puuuuurrrrrring sound. I get up and look in all the places where my cats normally sleep; under the bed, near my computer, etc. I can't find the happy cat anywhere, so I finally open my closet door and...

...there is my 18 pound cat named Flicka sleeping contentedly amongst my underwear. Apparently it's her new favorite spot. I had to rewash and relocate my unmentionables because she keeps coming back. Anyway, it cracked me up and I thought i'd share. 

In other news, Emma finally finished my pajama pants!!!!!

This is big news because these pajama pants are two christmases and my birthday present. Needless to say, they've been a few years in the making. I came into work the other day and they were sitting on my desk with a note that said "I love you Hannah!". I was jubilated. Emma did such a beautiful job making them and I love them! Thank you sister!

Mom has been workin away on her summer wardrobe, and I'll have pictures of her latest piece soon. My wardrobe has been put on hold because I've been sewing examples for our upcoming Home Ec classes, but hopefully I can pick it up again soon!

Sun Hat

I'll be teaching a class on how to make this hat for one of April's Home Ec classes. This will be the third class in the series. If you're interested in learning about this and other Home Ec projects, visit the website.

Another reminder!!! Our student art show and 3 year anniversary are happening this weekend! The art show starts on Friday and extends through Sunday, come check out the pieces! Please call for details about entering pieces, we would LOVE to have a full show. Join us on Friday at 6:00 for our 3 year anniversary party, there will be local wines and small Hors d' oeuvres. We hope to see you all this weekend!


The Tin Thimble said...

YAY! I'm so glad that you love your pajama bottoms! Sorry it took so long! :-)

Amy Gordon-Pruden said...

OK, a few things...I have to know if anybody has anymore of that Amy Butler fabric that Hannah's pajama pants were made out of. I came in last week and saw them waiting for you on the shelf and I just wanted the fabric. But those pants are super cute ;)
And my dog always lays in my underthings as I'm folding them on the bed. Not the pants, pajamas or kid clothes. Just the underwear and bras. So weird. I hope you are sewing up a cute pillow for the inside of your cats sleeping box now. See you Friday!

The Tin Thimble said...

Amy, unfortunately, we are all out of that Amy Butler fabric. How sad...

And what a great idea! I should make up a little (er...not so little) pillow for Flicka. I just might do that!