Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So Much to Share!

Hi TTT enthusiasts. It's Hannah writing to you today. We've been busy here at the Thimble. We've recovered from the Summer Wardrobe Fashion Show (which was an absolute success! Pictures coming soon) and now were busy rearranging and stocking the shelves here at the shop. I've been fully submersed in projects at home as well. I'm moving to Arcata in a few months and like most people moving away for the first time, I wanted some new furniture and linens. As usual, I'm on a veeeery tight budget so I had to get creative!

I bought this desk at the Goodwill. It was just a plain maple desk with bronze handles. Ew. So I bought a gallon of paint, and some spray paint and now it looks like this!

Then I wanted a bedspread to match (My current bedspread is red,brown, green, marigold, all colors that clash horribly with the chartreuse color of the desk), so I pieced together a bunch of old table cloths, napkins, and some linen yardage to make a Queen sized duvet cover. It was SO much work, but it's totally worth it. 

And here's a detail of all the different textures. Because it's white, it's hard to see all the piecework I did on the top. 

Oh, and Flicka left my underwear crate to test out the new cover. She approves.

Then this duvet cover lead to the need for matching pillow cases. (By this point my sewing machine is making weird noises and is in serious need of a tune-up)

On another creative note, Emma and I finally got our garden planted! We're excited to see all of our little vegetables in the ground.

Anyway, thats what we've been up to. Come in and check out the shop, we're adding all sorts of new merchandise!

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katie jean said...

Love spray paint! It is the thrifters best friend. Nice work all around Hannah! And I love the garden, it's a really nice size :D