Friday, October 1, 2010

Thank you Nicola!

Hello All!

Sharon here today.  We are so thrilled to announce that The Tin Thimble just had out first international fiber artist from Ireland, Nicola Brown.  She brought her passion for felting with her in a Big Way!  What a joy!  Nicola shared her vast knowledge of different techniques and we learned a ton that we can now share with our fellow felters! I almost cried when I put her on the train to continue her touring for three more weeks teaching in the Bay Area and Back East.

We are very excited to start adding more felting technique classes to our schedule - so keep you eye out for an email.  If you love to felt, you must come in and see The Nicola Purse (I named it that.  :-) - a densely felted, resist-method that is wonderful!  It is an complex bag and needs an intense two day workshop to finish.  The other class we'll be adding is a gorgeous mosaic nuno felted scarf.  It looks a little like stained glass and it's a great way to use you stash of vintage silk scarves!

So, THANK YOU NICOLA!  You are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration and we look forward to you next visit here at The Tin Thimble.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you enjoyed my visit Sharon and am looking forward to a return visit some time in 2011! I LOVED everything about the Tin Thimble and our two workshops were wonderful and filled with brilliantly creative felters. X Nicola

Anonymous said...

Mom wrote a blog?????


Rumtruffle said...

I have found you while hopping around, you have a lovely and interesting blog. Please feel free to pop by and see me if you have time