Friday, March 16, 2012


Two weekends ago was the Wings and Wine event here at High Hand.  Our classroom acted as the staging area for the birds this year and it was so much fun getting to see them up close and personal.  Lance the Rooster was a sweet, calm bird, the owls were captivating and the Bald Eagle was an amazing thing to experience.  Our classroom floor has been christened by Bald Eagle poop - don't know very many people who say that!  :-)

During the evening I couldn't help but think about our friend, Lorra Lee Rose and her breathtaking Feather Fantasies!

When Lorra Lee stopped by the shop with these AMAZING pieces she was telling us that she has pieces that have feathers that she's been collecting for 15 years!  AND, while the whirlwind of the Bald Eagle was blowing through the classroom the bird's caretaker was telling us that when he drops feathers they have to collect them and mail them off to a specific Native American organization - wouldn't those be fun packages to open up!  I would love to see everything that they do with those feathers.  Feathers, Feathers, Feathers!


Gill Pinkney said...

stunning photos x

Anonymous said...

wonderful birds!!!:)

katie jean said...

These are all just gorgeous pictures! What an exciting day :)