Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lisa's Adventures with Irit Dulman and Vilte


This time it is Lisa writing to you.

In January, I went to my first out of town workshop all by myself.   I loaded my jeep with all my felting and  dyeing supplies and set off to the Monterey Peninsula.  The workshop was with Irit Dulman and Vilte Kazlauskaite.  Both of these great ladies I had admired on the Internet for sometime and could not believe they were traveling the world together teaching.  

I had tried to sign up for the workshop and found out it was full!!  I was so bummed!  By some chance, one of our students who came for another class turned out to be the coordinator for the workshop.  Victoria was sweet enough to take my name in case of a cancellation or the chance of more classes being added.  In December, Victoria came in to let me know I had a spot!!  I could not believe it was really happening!  

The workshop was so inspiring!  I had a goal, for the upcoming year, to create more garments and I was very interested in learning how to create amazing seamless garments like Viltes' . We were taught many methods of creating texture and how to construct a seamless garment.   This workshop was the perfect place to learn.  I had a few moments of fear with the dreaded math of it all, but I took a few deep breaths (wishing my math sister, Emma, was there) and set to work.  The classroom was filled with other felt makers who were willing to share their thoughts, methods and suppliers for other fabulous fibers and fabrics.  It truly was a perfect learning environment.

I loved the split day of felting and spending the afternoon dying.  It was exciting to know once we were done felting the fun continued!  Irit was so generous with her knowledge and gentle tutelage.  With boiling pots and piles of foliage we were set free to experiment.  We were like anxious children on Christmas morning waiting to open our special gifts.  I could not open my bundles fast enough to see the results!  It was like magic to see the imprints of the plants we had chosen.  

Needless to say, I came home very inspired and thankful for all of Victoria's hardworking, coordinating abilities; Irit and Viltes' willing to share; and my fellow felt makers comradery and friendship.  

I am very excited to see what creations come to me after this amazing workshop. I don't think I will ever drive again without my hand pruners!!

Thanks for reading!!


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