Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Home Baked Goodies and MailArt!

Mom taught our friend, Lynn, how to make yeast bread yesterday. The kitchen was full, as usual, and had the wonderful smell of yeast and home baked bread. Lynn and her husband, Ron, went home with a happy bowl of rising dough and called, later that day, to announce that she had just pulled a beautiful loaf of bread from the oven. And mom treated us with home bakes cinnamon rolls this morning! Yum!

I was going to wait and let our January birthday customers be surprised when they find these in their mailboxes.... But I just can't wait! I asked my younger sister, Hannah, to create some MailArt for our birthday postcards that we are going to start sending out this month, and she did an absolutely beautiful job! They look just like our shop, don't you think?

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hannnah said...

The cinnamon rolls that mom made with the homemade bread were SO good! I had an absolute blast making the mail art, and I hope that our customers enjoy them as much as I do!