Friday, January 25, 2008

My Funny Valentine

My goodness! My mother has been busy! Look at the darling apron she finished yesterday! We have been having so much with aprons lately. We even hung a clothes line of them up in the shop! Speaking of aprons, if you haven't shared in the joy that is this book, you must check it out. Mom and I got to see EllynAnne Geisel's collection of aprons at last years American Sewing Guild's Annual Convention. What a treat!

Mom has also been making pretties. We had a collection of beautiful, antique, crocheted & tatted tops that needed fabric added to them. We had already done a run of lawn & voile tops so we decided to go with fancy fabrics this time around. Pink, silk & rayon velvet; champagne, silk charmeuse; and handkerchief fabric.

Our birthday postcards are taking their sweet time at the printers. I'm afraid our January birthday customers won't get theirs until February! I was really hoping to avoid that....


Kallia said...

I love that apron! Normally I don't wear them, but after seeing so many fabulous handmade ones I'm reconsidering my position on them. ;)

Amy Yang said...

That top looks beautiful. I wish I could see more of it ;)