Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Mom and I were sewing away today on these:

My friend, Eric (who was actually my first my first kiss in junior high. Aaaahhhhh) contacted me a while back and asked me to do the costumes for a short film that he's directing in his graduate film program at UCLA. He tells me, "I only need two costumes." I'm thinking, "cool." Then he tells me, "but since we'll be working with kids, I need two of each costume." I'm thinking, "damn." But it really isn't that bad. I just do step one on both, then step two and so on.

What was the difficult part was the fabric! Eric wanted the fabric to look worn and old. Do you know how difficult it is to make NEW fabric look OLD??? I bleached this great canary yellow fabric to DEATH and then I dyed it with tan Rit dye (I love that stuff). And I'm actually very pleased with the turn out. Now that I have the dresses made (I just need to put the zipper in and the hem) I think I'm going to dye them one more time. I want them a little darker. I wonder if I could mix yellow and tan at the same time? OH MY GOD! What if I mess them up?! Yikes! The risks we take for perfection! :-)

Now I'm off to find 2 light blue t-shirts and 2 light blue button up shirts (or white and I'll be doing some more dying!).

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