Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mom's (handmade) Summer Wardrobe and Beautiful Antique Lace

Ta da!
So, as promised, here is the second piece of mom's handmade 12 piece collection.

Again, this was made with a vintage pattern and a fantastic vintage border print cotton. The fabric has this really beautiful smoky grey/brown background which makes those coral roses pop! Mom fell in love with it as soon as we got it. I don't think it ever saw the shelves.

Remember, we'll be showing you more! So check back soon.


So, motivated by mom's sewing marathon, I decided to start making myself a few things for summer as well. All week I've been picking through magazines and my favorite online stores to find clothes I loved and today I found patterns to match! I'm very excited to go home and sew! 

In Tin Thimble news, a very sweet customer of ours came into the shop last week and gave us her Grandmother's handmade lace trims and dickie. They are exceptionally beautiful. 

The crocheted dickie 

Emma and I were doing the math, and these pieces are definitely over 100 years old. The dickie is crocheted with teeny-tiny thread. 

The gorgeous trims

The little trim at the top is tatted and the other three are also crocheted with itty-bitty thread.  They're to die for! 


Rebecca Maples said...

That has to be the most amazing dress ever, Great job! LOVE that fabric.

Merridee said...

It's a beautiful dress! I can hardly wait to see it on. I think a fashion show is in order! Let's, cookies and a new wardrobe.