Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's our 100th Blog Post!!

Hi everyone. We are proud to announce that this is our 100th blog post! Thanks to everyone who reads them and makes comments. We feel loved.

Numero Tres

The third dress of mom's new wardrobe! It's made with a deep red/orange dotted swiss. The eyelet border made it perfect for a dress. She even found a way to make the adorable bolero to match. Again, it was made using a vintage pattern and it fits her so cute!

As I told you all last week, mom got me inspired to start working on my summer wardrobe as well. So, this weekend I oiled my machine and sewed away! Here is the inspiration for my first piece. 

And here is my version! 

I completely altered a New Look dress pattern to get what I wanted and I LOVE it! Thank goodness for mom's private collection of zippers, though. I didn't realize it was going to be so hard to find a separating metal zipper. Anyway, this is hopefully one of  my many summer pieces to come. 


Lindy said...

Cute! Oh I love the shirt :) Very very cute.

katie jean said...

I love that Sharon finally used some of this fabric! And Emma your little top is cute, especially the back :) I fell in love with this Amy Butler fabric too when I saw it in Houston! You are going to be some stylish ladies!

The Tin Thimble said...

Thanks katie! But it's actually Hannah that made the top and wrote the blog. Sorry, I have clarified! I fell in love with the fabric as well. It was just what I wanted!