Friday, March 12, 2010

Here on this Rainy Friday...

I thought I'd stop and say hello to everyone! Despite the rain, business was actually booming today, so all of us TTT girls are in good spirits. We have added some new fabrics (muslin, canvas, beauuuuutiful silk and harem cloth) into our inventory and we're glad to see the shelves filling back up. We all have pretty mellow weekends planned and hopefully we'll get some bread making and clothes sewing done.

Here is the sixth Piece of Mom's Summer Wardrobe

This little honey is made from a wool blend so it's cozy warm for winter here in the sheds. It's pencil skirt  is really flattering on and the criss-cross straps make it unique. We love it! Good job, again, Mom!

In Progress

Here is one of Mom's latest and greatest Nuno felted Tunics in progress. Come in and visit us and check out the finished look, it's beautiful, of course.

Here you can really see the fluffiness of the wool and how different the texture is than after she felts it. I really like the black silk used for this tunic, it makes them contrast so much more. 

I'm working on sample projects for April's Home Ec classes, the theme of which is "Life's a Picnic". I've already finished the picnic quilt and napkins so I'll feature pictures of the completed set on Tuesday. Check back for an update on that!

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