Friday, March 5, 2010

We've Been Sewing Away

Hi, everyone! It's Hannah writing to you again today.

Emma, mom and I get SO much inspiration from Anthropologie and we're always squealing with excitement when we look through the catalog. Everything is just so beautiful and creative, it's so inspirational. So, when Emma and I stumbled upon this picture...

we thought it looked strangely familiar. It looks so similar to the brown dress with the coral roses that mom made! And she made her dress before we even saw this picture. What a trendsetter! 

Speaking of her dresses, here is a skirt that she made for her summer wardrobe. It's made with an Alexander Henry fabric available here at the Thimble, and of course, a vintage pattern. The western fabric, big, deep pockets and all the tiny details make it one of my personal favorites.  Her wardrobe is coming right along! 

And...although I'm a bit behind Mom, I'm still working steadily on my summer pieces as well. So here is my second piece!

I made this one with a Michael Miller cotton and a vintage pattern from the 70's. The pattern I used was actually my Moms and she made herself a shirt from it, as well as one for my Aunt. I guess we like to keep things in the family, haha. It looks a little wonky on the dress form, but I swear it's her that's crooked, not my sewing!


Artesia said...

Lovely work, ladies! I love the yellow top. :o)

katie jean said...

My goodness! That fabric is so cute as a skirt :D Only Sharon could have such a vision!

Thanks for the visit yesterday. I'm so glad that there are "others" out there who save their catalogs too!