Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

And I am thankful! My best friend and I went on a bike ride this weekend and we stumbled upon this. It made me wish for sunshine and iced tea and plums picked fresh off the tree. Hurry, spring, hurry!

I've lost count...

But here is yet another of Mom's handmade dresses. I can't help but smile when I see this dress, it just makes me happy! It was made with a 1940's dress pattern and plaid fabric from around the same era. Here's a detail of the cute little pockets in front. 


I made this shirt over the weekend, and Mom thinks I'm "gaining on her" in terms of how many pieces we've sewn. I laughed because she has made 6 or 7 items now, compared to my 3. I'm nowhere to close to catching up. Anyway, I made this out of white cotton voile and a New Look pattern both available at the Thimble. It's super light and comfy, so it's perfect for summer. And, I thought that the back had to be shirred, or that I was going to have to use elastic thread (which terrifies me) but no! It was simply casings that I strung elastic through. Those pattern people are so clever.

Now we just need to get Emma involved in this sewing extravaganza. Because I'm sure she has so much time between the Thimble and dancing...

Anyway, don't forget that we have a Home Economics class tomorrow from 6:00-9:00 and we'll be making scrappy coasters. It's a wonderful class to take if you're a beginner and the instructor is fantastic. Call or visit our  class schedule for details.  

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