Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just Some Things...

Hi everyone! It's Hannah giving you the update today. I'm all moved in and settled in my new place in Arcata. It took me a while, but I finally got my sewing space organized and I fired up my machine a few days ago.

Emma asked me to sew some zippered pouches to sell in the Thimble. I love these little projects, they're perfect for using scraps and I love making the different fabric combinations. 

After working on a few of those, I decided to attempt to put on my first snaps. I made Matthew a western shirt a few weeks ago, but had been avoiding the pearl snaps for fear I would screw the whole thing up. With him on the phone for some support however, I whipped out my gripper and punched away!

So far, so good. Whew! I finished all the snaps, and as soon as I get a picture of him in his shirt I'll share it. 

I hope everyone is doing well back at home, I miss working at the Thimble and seeing all the familiar faces that come in!

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katie trott said...

we miss you too hannah! and I love that mushroom fabric that you used. I have seen it in the shop and now I must have it!