Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fashion through the 20th Century

Part of our Fashion Week last month was a display of our collection of garments from the 20th Century.  It was so much fun to get the collection out and make our choices (*
32000000000000020033333333333333333333333333333333)  That lovely collection of typing was a little gift from Button to you.  ;-)

Anyway, our fashion collection.  Here is what we put on display:

A lovely 1930's gown that I actually got from our wonderful knitting/crochet instructor, Dana Petersen. 
A gorgeous 1940's gown that I've had the privilege of being able to wear to a few formal swing dancing events. 

This darling dress was our mother's in the 1960's.  Can't you just see her in it with her bouffant?

This one most of our T3 regulars should be familiar with.  This was my Great-Grandmother Lorraine's.  She wore this down in the Long Beach area during the 1950's.  

An awesome 60s/70s bathing suit.

Another great 1930's dress.

And an awesome 1970s i.magnin polyester dress.  


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Lindy said...

Haha, I was gonna say "I recognize that pink (2nd picture) gown!" Looked very pretty on you :) What a nice collection!

Malisa said...

I love the collection you have! Seriously, where can I get a bathing suit like the one you featured? So cute!

glamour starved said...

i like them all!

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WoW! that was fab..=D