Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Over our Thanksgiving holiday I have two work related goals.  To repurpose our ever expanding collection of vintage linens into Christmas stockings, tree skirts, totes, etc and to sew myself some new clothing which will also be test sewing for our upcoming beginning garment construction classes.  Here is the start of the linen extravaganza:

I am extremely pleased with that first stocking.  What do you think?


katie jean said...

that sounds like so much fun!! I have been eyeing some of my vintage table cloth collection to cut up for half aprons. Can't wait to see what else you make :)

Palindrome Dry Goods said...

I love them Em! Wish I were there to help you. Mail me some if you'd like and I'll whip some projects up. Happy Thanksgiving!

Cait said...

OMG - this is soooo beautiful! I just want to touch and roll in them, LOL! cheers, Cait in Western Australia

Leslie Gelber said...

Emma, is that you?! Brilliant idea! You are amazing. I'll see you all upon my return from NY. I need to purchase some of those gorgeous dyed woolens. Hope your holiday was scrumptious, a much needed space of time for you all.