Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Spinning out of Control

Hello T3 readers! It's Hannah writing to you today. I've missed you all so! I'll be returning to the Thimble here in a few short weeks for winter vacation and am quite excited to see you all. Come on in and say hi to me!
(Most of) the family and I spent our Thanksgiving at our Cabin in Downieville. It's so quiet and cold and peaceful, and it's a wonderful place to take some time and learn something new. Mom and Lisa brought the spinning wheel for me and taught me how to spin! I'm so excited! Most of you know that I love to sew, and I've been experimenting with some paper crafts and a little embroidery lately, but I felt like it was time to branch out and learn something new. And now, I'm hooked on spinning.

Attempt #1. White Corriedale plied with brown Corriedale...I think (remember, I'm new to this).

Bobbins, Blue Face Leichester, and I spun that blue/purple/green yarn as well!

An action shot!! Remember, the Thimble teaches spinning lessons occasionally. Visit the lessons page to see scheduled dates, or give us a call!

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