Thursday, October 3, 2013

She's Done it Again...

Ah, yes, the never ending creativity of our mother. Look at what she's made now, people! Little stuffed bunny dolls and "star babies". Where does she come up with this stuff? Mom wanted to create handmade children's gifts for the upcoming Holiday season and was inspired by vintage embroidery transfers, illustrations from a few children's books and a phenomenal victorian journal. These adorable projects allowed mom to use many of her creative outlets including drawing, painting, dyeing, sewing, and writing. She lives for stuff like this. 

Mom painted a canvas as a backdrop for her new bunny dolls. She used an assortment of oil, and acrylic paints and pens. 

"Star Babies" hang sleepily on their rack. 

Could those little sleeping faces be any cuter? No, no they could not. 

My favorite part is the "zooming to and fro" bit. I clasp my hands to my chest and swoon every time I read it. So cute! 

Each little bunny comes with a story that Mom wrote to go along with them. It's about the little bunnies first time out of the house on his own. 

If he were mine, I'd name him Spencer. Their little plaid pants crack me up. She used vintage wools, new canvas, paint and hand dyed fabric to construct these adorable little bunny boys. 

Each one is hand painted and hand tufted into a sturdy little doll perfect for children's gifts. 

Come in and scoop up these handmade gifts for Christmas for the little one in your life! If you don't have a little one, you should come in just to admire their all-around cute-ness. They will make you smile, I promise. 

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